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Shanghai Diving Equipment Factory Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai diving equipment factory), founded in August 1952, is subordinate to the Shanghai Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of transport. It is a state-owned professional company specializing in the R & D, production and sales of all kinds of diving equipment and positive pressure air respirators. The company is a limited liability company with independent legal personality. It is solely established by Shanghai Salvage Bureau of the Ministry of transport as the sole legal shareholder, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. It is located at No. 15 Xinze Road, Xinchang Industrial Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, covering an area of 40 Mu and a total of more than 20000 square meters. The company has comprehensive management department, finance department, quality management department, production department, technology department and sales department

  • 1952

    The company was founded in 1952

  • 1000m

    Registered capital: RMB 10 million

  • 20000

    It covers an area of 40 mu, with a total area of more than 20000 square meters

  • 10

    More than 10 scientific and technological achievements have been obtained

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69 - Ⅲ light diving equipment
It is a diving equipment that can breathe through the nose. It adopts a full cover diving mask to avoid the discomfort caused by the use of bite mouth respirator. Standard configuration: air cylinder (including cylinder valve and back frame): pressure reducer with rated working pressure of 20MPa: input compressed air in the cylinder into respirator after decompression; respirator: input air into full mask according to the needs of diver's breathing frequency; full mask: strengthen glass window to protect diver's eyes, mouth and nose from seawater immersion; counterweight (including counterweight belt): 8 pieces of lead pressure, Each 1kg flipper: shoe type flipper, strong thrust, strong and durable, tool bag: special maintenance guarantee
69-4 light diving equipment
69-4 light diving equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use and wide application. It can be used in aquaculture, fishing, reservoir construction, military reconnaissance and marine development. Standard configuration: air bottle (including bottle valve and back frame): rated working pressure 20MPa pressure reducer: input the compressed air in the cylinder into the air supply valve after pressure reduction. Air supply valve: bite type, on-demand air supply half mask: provide good underwater vision for divers. Counterweight (including counterweight belt): 8 pieces of lead pressure, 1kg flippers per piece: belt type flippers, adjustable size, Thrust large tool bag: a set of special maintenance tools, accessories package: rubber seal, gold
Jinlong scuba self-contained diving equipment
Jinlong scuba self-contained diving equipment self-contained diving equipment includes: wet diving suit, diving breathing regulator, standby air supply valve, half mirror, fins, diving gloves, breathing tube, self-contained compressed air bottle, buoyancy vest, triple meter, diving flashlight, diving knife, carrying case, lead pressing, lead pressing belt, etc. It is characterized by convenience, flexibility and easy operation. It is applied to underwater emergency rescue operations for divers less than 40 meters and less than 30 minutes. Standard configuration: air cylinder (including cylinder valve and back frame): rated working pressure 20MPa pressure reducer: input the compressed air in the cylinder into the air supply valve after decompression. Air supply valve: bite
Pressure reducer
The pressure reducer is an important component of diving equipment, which is divided into high and low pressure chambers. When the high-pressure gas in the gas cylinder enters the pressure reducer, the high-pressure chamber has several interfaces for connecting high-pressure components such as triple meter; The low-pressure chamber is used to reduce the high-pressure gas in the gas cylinder to a specific low-pressure value, and supply air to low-pressure components such as air supply valve, dry clothes or buoyancy vest through medium pressure hose.
Air supply valve
The air supply valve drives the lever through the air inlet and exhaust diaphragm to directly supply an appropriate amount of air to the parts that divers breathe, including bite type or screw connection type. Reliable air supply performance and slight respiratory resistance make it easy for divers to obtain respiratory support underwater.
face shield
M126 half mask is composed of tempered glass, mask frame, silica gel surface pad, silica gel headband, buckle, adjusting clip and other parts. The half mask can set an air layer between the diver's eyes, nose and the water, so that the diver can get better visual clarity underwater and protect the diver's eyes and nose from water stimulation. M273 half mask tempered glass mirror, after anti fog treatment, has good impact resistance. Soft sealing surface gasket for better wearing experience. Full face mask (equipped with 69 - Ⅲ type) the open full face mask is a wide field of vision, mouth and nose breathing type, which is used in combination with an open respirator. The eyes, mouth and nose are in the mask, on the left
Webbed feet
The belt fins made of plastic fins can bring comfortable wearing experience for divers. The shoe fins made of plastic fins are designed according to ergonomics, with comfortable wearing, good stability and great driving force. The adjustable fins made of all rubber fins are firm, durable and powerful. It is recommended to use with diving boots
Triple watch, diving knife
Triple table & nbsp; The triple gauge is composed of pressure gauge, depth gauge and North compass. It is connected with the pressure reducer to help divers monitor the residual gas stock in the cylinder in real time. The diving knife is made of stainless steel, with a weight of 0.4KG, a total length of 275mm, a blade length of 150mm, and is equipped with a locking sheath and leggings. Imported diving knife is made of imported titanium alloy, with high hardness, sharp and durable edge, comfortable grip, equipped with latch scabbard and rubber strap.
Underwater lighting
Underwater lighting 1 imported light source, three lighting modes: high brightness, low brightness and flash. Imported t7075, aviation grade aluminum alloy barrel, after military regulation three-level hard oxidation treatment. Working voltage: 6 - 14V, waterproof depth 100m. The head diameter is 60mm, the body diameter is 32mm, the overall length is 228mm, and the weight is 405G (excluding battery). Underwater lighting 2 has three lighting modes, aviation grade aluminum alloy barrel, which is treated by military regulation grade III hard oxidation. It has low-power prompt and protection functions. It uses 2 * 26650 lithium rechargeable battery, working voltage of 6 - 10V and working time
12L aluminum air bottle
The cylinder assembly becomes a container for storing compressed air for human breathing, including a cylinder body and a cylinder back frame.
Mz300-b diving mask
Mz300-b diving mask mz300-b diving mask is suitable for conventional diving and saturation diving with air and gas mixture, such as underwater cutting, welding, photography, inspection, fishing and other underwater operations. It has the advantages of safety and reliability, sensitive air supply regulation, smooth breathing, comfortable wearing, clear communication, wide vision and convenient underwater activities. It is an ideal diving equipment for divers for underwater operation. The main components are composed of diving mask, air supply valve, combined valve and telephone transmission and reception system, which are supplied by umbilical cord or self-contained emergency gas cylinder. The maximum service depth is 300m and the overall dimension is 320 × two hundred × 300m
KMB series diving mask
Kmb-18b diving mask is widely used in commercial and military diving activities all over the world. It is suitable for air diving and mixed gas diving. The neoprene head cover is fixed on the hard frame made of glass fiber with stainless steel clamp. The air supply assembly composed of steady flow valve, auxiliary valve and one-way valve ensures the safety of gas consumption for divers in underwater operation. The earphone and microphone in the mask can be connected with the diving telephone on the water surface through cable to realize real-time communication. In mixed gas diving operation, kmb-18b diving mask can be used with helium recovery unit. Kmb-28b diving mask & nbsp; KMB
Diving umbilical cord
The 300 type diving umbilical cord is an important equipment matched with mz300-b to maintain gas supply and communication between divers and surface supervision unit. It is composed of gas supply pipe, communication cable, sounding pipe and reinforcing cable. It is divided into 30m, 60m and 100m specifications. Dsus007 diving umbilical is wound by air supply pipe, sounding pipe and reinforced four core communication cable, which can be connected with all kinds of diving masks, diving helmets, diving phones and gas distribution devices. The four core communication cable is specially strengthened to withstand the tensile force of more than 500kg and play the role of safety cable. The weight in air is 450kg, and the weight in water is 450kg
Diving telephone
Type 2820 / 2825 diving Telephone & nbsp; Amcom Ⅱ diving intercom telephone is a communication equipment supporting two divers. Both have two-wire or four wire communication modes, and the two modes can be used together. The 2820 submersible telephone uses one switch to control the volume of two channels of communication, while the 2825 submersible telephone has two switches to control the volume of two channels of communication respectively. The weight of type 2820 diving telephone is 9.15kg, and that of type 2825 is 10.15kg. The overall dimensions are 362 × two hundred and twenty-five × 50mm。 Qs2720 diving intercom telephone is a portable underwater telephone for a single diver
Diving safety harness, signal rope and counterweight
The counterweight is plastic pressed lead, beautiful and corrosion-resistant, and can be divided into 1kg, 2kg and 3kg& nbsp; The diving safety harness is made of blended woven belt, buckle and stainless steel rivet to ensure the underwater safety of divers. The signal rope surface commander and the diver can communicate through the signal rope and assist the diver to get out of the water in case of emergency. Divided into φ ten × 75 / 100M and φ twelve × 60 / 100M and other common specifications, and various specifications such as outer diameter and length can also be customized according to customer requirements.
SQF wet diving suit
The split wet diving suit structure is a two-piece suit designed separately for clothes and trousers, which has the advantages of compact structure, comfortable wearing and good protection. The one-piece wet diving suit is made of neoprene material bonded and stitched. The clothes and trousers are designed as one-piece with front zipper. It is a commonly used wet diving suit. Unit: cm specification & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Height & nbsp& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Bust & nbsp; S 160~165 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 80~95&n
GQ dry diving suit
Gq-ib dry diving suit is made of 5mm neoprene, and clothes, trousers and boots are connected into one. The face is designed as a comprehensive cover to effectively isolate external stimulation and injury to the human body. The back and shoulder are transversely A-shaped watertight zipper, and the head is equipped with an exhaust valve. It has good thermal insulation performance. It is suitable for various diving operations with low water temperature. The maximum service depth is 40m. GQ - Ⅲ dry diving suit is made of imported wear-resistant materials through complex processes. It has good water tightness and wear resistance. It can achieve the best heat preservation effect when used together with thermal underwear. The cuffs and necklines are made of imported sealing materials to ensure the comfort of wearing
Hot water suit
Hsw1899 hot water suit 1. Imported materials can be equipped with diving gloves, diving shoes, underwear and quick connectors. 2. It is made of special neoprene material (4mm) with high composition anti shrinkage rubber, and the outer layer is added with wear-resistant Swiss pick material to make anti shrinkage neoprene& nbsp; 3. Anode protected hot water distribution valve with 360 degree rotating stainless steel quick connector. 4. There is a clever metal round eye in front of the chest and a hot water pipeline with a plug inside, which can heat the diver's face panel while ensuring visibility. 5. YKK zipper. 6. 2 pockets with drain holes. 7. Bendable poly
Diving buoyancy vest
Qfb-200 diving buoyancy vest this product is a buoyancy adjusting device, which mainly helps divers adjust their floating state by filling and exhausting it, so as to make diving activities more comfortable and safe. Qfb-200 diving buoyancy vest is composed of body, back frame, bellows and medium pressure hose. The body is made of environment-friendly TPU material and formed by high cycle heat sensitivity. The back frame can be equipped with submersible gas cylinder. One end of the bellows is connected to the air inlet valve on the shoulder, and the other end is connected to the medium pressure pipe through the quick plug. The air bag can be inflated by operating the button on the bellows, or manually inflated by biting the mouth. Buoyancy compensation device is commonly known as back flying, buoyancy
Diving boots, diving gloves, counterweight belt
Diving boots diving boots are composed of a shoe body and a zipper at the inner side. The front is covered with vulcanized rubber, the heel is reinforced, and a frog shoelace fixing rubber block is equipped. The sole is wear-resistant rubber and the upper is neoprene with a thickness of 5mm. Diving gloves are five finger bifurcated, with extended wrist and adjustable buckle. The palm is made of anti-skid and wear-resistant material, and the rest are neoprene with a thickness of 3mm. Large capacity counterweight bag
Underwater cutting and welding tool
SG Ⅲ underwater oxygen arc cutting torch (underwater cutter) is a tool for divers to conduct electro-oxygen cutting at various depths underwater. It uses arc discharge to melt and cut metal. It needs to be used in conjunction with DC welding machine and oxygen.
Special diving equipment
Cqx - Ⅲ air cylinder inflation box cqx - Ⅲ air cylinder inflation box is used for high-pressure air inflation of 12L diving cylinder and 6.8L fire cylinder. At most two diving cylinders or two fire cylinders can be inflated at the same time each time, which can prevent injury to human body caused by joint falling off or cylinder rupture during inflation and ensure the life safety of users. The inflatable box has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, safety and firmness. Basic parameters: overall dimension (length) × wide × High) & nbsp& nbsp; zero point seven × zero point five × 1.4(m) & nbsp
Positive pressure air respirator
"Jinlong brand" positive pressure air respirator (rhzk6.8l, rhzk9.0l) adopts mature self-contained breathing pneumatic device and ergonomic cylinder back frame design. It has the advantages of light weight, small volume, convenient use and maintenance, comfortable wearing and stable performance. It is an ideal personal respiratory protective device for rescue, disaster relief and fire extinguishing operations. Standard configuration: high strength hardened anti fog mask: spherical full mask design, transparent and wide field of vision; The outer surface is hardened with high strength and has good wear resistance; The inner surface adopts aviation nano anti fog technology, which is not easy to fog in alpine environment. Large flow self-contained air supply valve: the parts are corrosion-resistant
CG long tube air respirator
CG long tube air respirator CG long tube air respirator has beautiful appearance, compact and reasonable structure and humanized operation. It does not affect the normal breathing of the operator when replacing the gas cylinder. It is suitable for long-term operation in narrow space. Equipped with emergency breathing device, it can ensure the life safety of users even in case of accident& nbsp;
Tunnel helmet
"Jinlong" brand tunnel helmet is mainly applicable to tunnels and other pressurized working environments. Its closed breathing characteristics can effectively isolate the external environment and protect the head safety of operators. Standard configuration: helmet body: the main material is carbon fiber, with high strength and small proportion. It not only reduces the wearing weight, but also takes into account the strong protective function. The front window has a wide field of vision, and the inner layer adopts anti fog treatment to effectively alleviate the fog of the front window. Air supply valve: with positive pressure function, the pressure in the helmet is always greater than the external ambient pressure, which plays a role in isolation from the outside. At the same time, it adopts the design of double air supply valves, one for use and one for standby, which greatly increases the safety.
Jinlong oxygen mask for cabin
Jinlong brand cabin oxygen mask is a kind of personal emergency respirator, also known as Bibs mask. It mainly provides emergency breathing gas or therapeutic gas for users through the pipeline, and discharges the exhaled gas from the body through the pipeline, or directly into the environment. It is used for respiratory gas systems such as diving decompression chamber, diving bell, tunnel pressure operation, medical oxygen chamber, etc. Standard configuration: mouth and nose mask: in line with the principle of ergonomics, it is more suitable for Asian faces. The material is moderate in hardness and softness. It is more comfortable to wear. Headgear: mesh design is adopted to change the ventilation and comfort; Four point fixing mode, tightening belt is convenient to adjust the inlet valve: integrated design, direct installation

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